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How Long does the Vacuum Bellows Last?

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Deal Score0 specializes in manufacturing vacuum parts, has a well-trained and experienced technical backbone team, with good, complete manufacturing and testing equipment. At the same time, we continue to introduce advanced technology at home and abroad, develop new products and improve product quality. Each product of vacuum valve, vacuum bellows, vacuum cavity, pipe fitting, etc. is 100% qualified by professional inspection. The inspection equipment is recognized as the most reliable and advanced helium mass spectrometer leak detector in the world. Our products are highly praised by customers at home and abroad.

The use time of the vacuum bellows is determined by the number of use times when the bellows is working. The less the use times are, the shorter the use of the bellows is. The more the use times are, the longer the use time of the bellows is. The bellows play an important role in the instrument. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully observe the use time of the bellows. Once the use time is fast When the consumption is over, replace the bellows with a new one to continue the operation of the instrument. According to the usage way of bellows, the usage time of bellows will also be affected. Some instruments need bellows with a long usage time, while others don’t need that long. Let’s give an example.

When the vacuum bellow is used in the thermostatic controller with high switching frequency, its service life will reach 10000 times to meet the use requirements, while when the bellow is used as the vacuum seal of the vacuum switch, its service life will reach 30000 times to ensure the normal operation. From the two examples just now, it can be said that the service life of the bellow is related to the use there, with a high degree of fitness Strong, low degree of fit is low utilization.

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