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How to Choose Industrial Vacuum Pump Correctly?

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Many customers are not very clear about the classification of vacuum pump, especially for the first time to choose a vacuum pump, how to choose a suitable vacuum pump is very difficult. Search the classification of vacuum pump on the Internet, there will be various types of pumps, but after all, which one is suitable for you, customers often have no way to start.

Generally speaking, the vacuum pump is divided into three categories, namely, the vacuum pump for adding water, the vacuum pump for adding oil and the vacuum pump without oil.

  1. Water adding vacuum pump refers to water ring vacuum pump, which uses water as working fluid and realizes suction, compression and exhaust by the change of pump cavity volume, so as to achieve the purpose of vacuum extraction. This pump can extract water vapor and corrosive gas, its types are cantilever water ring vacuum pump, 2SK water ring vacuum pump, SK water ring vacuum pump, SZ Water ring vacuum pump, etc;

How to choose industrial vacuum pump?

  1. The oil filling vacuum pump refers to the rotary vane vacuum pump. The gap between the rotary vane and the pump cavity is sealed with oil. The vacuum degree is much higher than that of the water ring vacuum pump, but the steam and corrosive gas cannot be pumped;
  2. Oil free vacuum pump is often used in clean environment, will not pollute the products.


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