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Leak-proof Sealing Performance of Ferrule Joints

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The ferrule joint provides a reliable, leak-proof and sealed connection to avoid the problems caused by vibration, leakage, thermal shock, improper installation and huge loss.
Tube fittings are always detectable. After initial installation, the use of gap detection gauges enables the installer or inspector to ensure that the ferrule joints are fully tightened. If the nut is properly tightened, the test gauge cannot be placed between the nut’s hexagonal end and the connector body.
Do not add fillers such as sealants. In order to obtain a better sealing effect, some people apply a sealant on the ferrule. As a result, the sealant is flushed into the hydraulic system, causing failures such as the damping holes of the hydraulic components being blocked.
When connecting the pipeline, the pipe should have sufficient deformation margin to avoid subjecting the pipe to tensile stress.
The ferrule joint has the advantages of simple layout, convenient use and no welding. However, in the medium and high pressure hydraulic system, if it is not operated properly, it will often constitute a leak and affect its implementation. The author has summarized some experiences through years of internships and obtained good results.

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