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Lithium Battery Vacuum Oven Drying

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Vacuum baking and drying of lithium battery pole pieces / rolls / cells. At present, the most effective solution is to use high vacuum and high temperature uniformity to minimize the water content in the positive / negative materials of lithium batteries, while reducing the lithium ion battery The impact of dust and other particles in the production process on the performance of lithium batteries.
High vacuum oven: If the dew point of the external environment of the oven is uncontrollable, it is impossible to achieve the same inlet and outlet when the vacuum oven is in use. A vacuum valve is added to each oven branch line. When one of the ovens discharges, the valve of this oven is closed. When it is evacuated after refilling, the other oven valves are closed and the refilled oven valve is opened. Start to evacuate. When the pressure reaches equilibrium, all the valves are opened to avoid gas leakage between ovens. The newly added oven will affect the dew point of other ovens.
The main media components of the vacuum oven vacuum system are water vapor, dust, and NMP. The vacuum pump must be capable of resisting moisture, dust and NMP.
Selection of vacuum pump: Hanbell dry screw vacuum pump, PS series screw roots vacuum unit, vacuum pump unit limit vacuum 0.1Pa, vacuum pump placed on the oven site, you can use a vacuum unit to drag 2 ovens, or a vacuum unit to drag 4 Oven, the vacuum degree of the oven can be maintained to 10Pa ~ 100Pa. The vacuum pipe is made of 304 stainless steel. The vacuum oven cavity uses a vacuum valve to control the on and off of the vacuum. The vacuum pump is always on. The vacuum pump is equipped with a dust filter with a filtration accuracy of 5 μm.

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