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Acrylic Vacuum Chambers


► Envisioned, Designed, and Manufactured in USA
► Made from Clear Acrylic which is fully transparent enabling a full view of chamber interior during operation
► Wide Selection of Standard Chambers from 8 to 20 in – Cube, Cylindrical, and Custom Dimensions
► Safe and rated for Full Vacuum of 0.075 Torr, 75 micron absolute pressure
► Can be Customized and Integrated into Various Turn-Key Systems
► Fully Assembled and ready to GO – Each Chamber comes with vacuum gauge, two valves, clamps, handles, etc…


■ Quality Control ■ Package Integrity Testing ■ Bubble Leak Testing ■ Altitude Simulation ■ Hi-Pot Discharge Testing ■ Electronic Equipment Testing ■ Vacuum Encapsulation ■ Vacuum Force Decay Testing ■ Degassing Applications ■ Freezedrying / Lyophilization ■ Aerospace Applications ■ Various Manufacturing and Packaging ■ Genetic Engineering ■ Laboratory and Research ■ Automotive Parts Manufacturing ■ Academic Research ■ Scientific Experiments ■ Industrial Applications

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