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Electrode Winding


It is specially used for the winding of aluminum foil packaging batteries/cylindrical batteries and supercapacitors. The positive and negative sheets and the separator are wound into batteries. The machine is small in size, easy to adjust, operate and maintain; the winding needle yaw degree is small; the up and down, left and right, and front and rear positions of the guide plate are adjustable; the foot switch controls the forward and reverse rotation. It has the characteristics of easy operation, safe and reliable, beautiful appearance, etc.


*The up and down, left and right, front and rear positions of the guide pole piece groove and ruler can be adjusted;

* Winding idler to ensure the winding tightness when the battery is wound;

* Increase the winding tail bracket to improve the winding accuracy of the battery;

* Winding can be forward and reverse, winding stepless speed regulation;

*The machine is small in size, exquisite and beautiful in appearance, and easy to operate;


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