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Vacuum Mixing


It is suitable for dry and wet stirring. It is made of SUS304 stainless steel and is resistant to acid, alkali and organic solvents. At the same time, the stirring barrel can be evacuated to stir the slurry under vacuum to achieve no bubbles in the slurry Produce, make the material coating process after stirring more uniform. The stirring paddle of the instrument is designed as a spiral ribbon stirring paddle, planetary stirring, so as to achieve no stirring dead zone in the mixing barrel, and according to the process requirements, the dispersing disc and revolution stirring use multi-stage speed operation, and the speed and time of each stage can be set set.


*Made of SUS304 stainless steel, resistant to corrosion by acids, alkalis and organic solvents.
*Four-blade double-shaft planetary mixing, twist frame mixing blade with high-speed dispersion plate and wall scraping, no mixing dead angle;
*Low-speed stirring realizes macro-mixing through public and rotation, and high-speed dispersing disc realizes micro-mixing through shearing force;
*Vacuum environment, effectively eliminate the bubbles generated during the stirring process, the vacuum maintaining effect is good;
*Multi-stage speed operation can be carried out, and the stirring speed and time of each stage can be set
*The slurry bucket lifting design, equipped with spotlights, is convenient for operation, and ensures the safety during the vacuum mixing process;
* Jacketed mixing tank design, can pass cooling water, suitable for various process requirements, with temperature controller and high temperature alarm system;


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