Cap Welding


It is commonly used for metal welding in winding and lamination processes. It has the characteristics of small volume, nice appearance, convenient operation, firm structure, stable and safe use. The transducer converts the ultrasonic frequency high-power oscillating signal into mechanical energy of the corresponding frequency, and applies it to the interface of the metal sheet to be welded, so that the metal sheet meets instant heat, and then activates the particles in the metal lattice to make the metal sheet meet The molecules at each infiltrate and weld together.


1. The internal resistance of the solder joint is small. After welding, the conductivity is good, and its resistivity is extremely low, close to zero.
2. There is no trace of oxidation, ultrasonic has cleaning function, and the metal surface has contaminants or oxides. It can be perfectly welded without surface treatment.
3. All workpieces can be welded without pre-treatment, no soldering tin and soldering oil additives, economical and convenient.
4. The welding head is made of wear-resistant materials with long-lasting durability.
5. The solder joints are firm, the working temperature does not exceed the annealing temperature, and the metallographic structure of the workpiece is not changed. Its welding strength is stronger than other welding methods, and the welding interface is neat and clean.
6. Low welding cost, fast speed, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
7. The welding time is very short. Generally, the welding can be completed instantly within 0.01-2S seconds.
8. No sparks are generated during welding, the operator is safe and assured, there is no smoke, and it will not cause air pollution.

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