Hot Sealing(Top&Side)


Mainly used in heating type sealing equipment on the top and side of soft packaging lithium-ion batteries. The device uses resistance heating to seal the head, so that the aluminum-plastic film can be melted under a set pressure.


*Unique safety protection and anti-scalding design, the temperature of the upper and lower irons can be adjusted through the button on the thermostat panel;

*The head is made of copper material, which has good heat transfer effect, saves electricity consumption, improves work efficiency, and saves energy compared with similar products;

*The pressure of the upper and lower heads can be adjusted by the pressure regulating valve to meet the requirements of different process parameters;

* The upper and lower heads are driven by cylinders and guided by two linear guide sleeves, which can move up and down flexibly and accurately to ensure the parallelism requirements of the product after edge sealing;

*It can be applied to the product batteries of different specifications, and the adjustment is simple and convenient, without adjustment and replacement of the seal head;

*The frame is made of aluminum profile, which has a beautiful appearance; the sheet metal adopts three-dimensional geometric design, which is simple and beautiful;

*Small size, smooth and even seal marks, beautiful appearance of the edge seal;

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Name: Battery Vacuum Sealing Machine Sealing Width: 200mm Applicaton: Pouch Cell Case Final Sealing Warranty: 1 year Product description: Lithium Batteries Equipment Secondary Vacuum Sealing Machine for Polymer Cell. This equipment is used for lithium pouch cell vacuumizing and final heat sealing after filling & electrolyte diffusion pr
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