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Compound Molecular Pump HPV-600

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HPV series compound molecular pump is a combination of turbo molecular pump and disc traction pump. It has the characteristics of high pumping speed, high compression ratio when turbo molecular pump molecular flow,high pumping speed and high compression ratio when high pressure of traction pump. The application range of the molecular pump is widened. The compound molecular pump has no selectivity and no memory effect on the pumped gas. Due to the high compression ratio of the gas with large molecular weight, the pump can be obtained without a cold trap and oil baffle. Clean high vacuum and ultra high vacuum. It is widely used in various fields of vacuum technology such as photovoltaics, lighting, aerospace, semiconductors, energy, military, home appliances, materials, and automobiles.

Technical Parameters

Model HPV-600
Pumping rate L/s 600
Air inlet flange CF160 / ISO160
Exhaust flange KF40
Compression ratio N2 >109
Compression ratio H2 >8×103
Ultimate pressure Pa ≤8 × 10-8 / ≤5 × 10-7
Rated speed rmp 24000
Start Time min ≤4.5
Vibration value ≤0.1μm
Recommended foreline pump L/s 4-8
cooling method Water cooling / Air-cooled
Spout Inner diameter is φ10 inline self-sealing
Cooling water temperature ≤25
Air-cooled ambient temperature ≤35
Water flow L/min 1-2
Installation direction ±5°
Weight kg 25


molecular pump

Despite the rise of artificial molecular machines, there is still a long way to go to fill the huge gap between the mechanism of action and the efficiency of ...

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Compound Molecular Pump HPV-600
Compound Molecular Pump HPV-600

$13,999.00 $12,999.00

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