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Edwards nEXT240 Turbo Molecular Pump ISO100

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Product description:
nEXT240 is a hybrid molecular pump with hybrid bearings. It is supplied with an ISO100 or CF100 inlet flange with 240ls-1 N2
Pumping speed
The pump combines our proven bearing technology (oil-lubricated ceramic lower bearing and dry permanent magnet upper bearing) with an improved rotor design using new molecular grading technology to provide improved pumping speed and compression ratio while providing true User maintainability.
They use 24V to 48V DC sensorless motors with built-in drivers and are fully compatible with our TAG and TIC controller series. The molecular pump has 80W and
160W two kinds of maximum preset power are available. The former applies to our 100W TIC
The controller is also the recommended choice when pumping argon, but the acceleration time to reach full operating speed at this power is relatively long.
A basic pump system may require an nEXT300D pump, a TAG or TIC controller, air or water cooled accessories, or a suitable foreline pump.
Latest rotor design improves performance for superior pumping speed and compression ratio
End users can complete thorough repairs in a very short period of time, without the need for complicated tools or large unloading … you can do it!
Compact design and excellent performance for efficient systemization
Compatible with Edwards TIC turbine and instrument controllers means you can add up to 3 gauges without the need for additional gauge controllers
RoHS compliant and CSA / UL recognized

$28,990.00 $27,990.00

Technical Parameters

Inlet flange DN100ISO-KF、DN100CF
Exit flange KF25
Pumping speed N2 240L/s
He 230L/s
H2 165L/s
Compression ratio N2 >1×1011
He >3×105
H2 >1×104
Extreme pressure for RV foreline pump ISO / CF ≤6×10-8/5×10-10mbar
Recommended foreline pump RV12/nXDS10i(Applicable diaphragm pumps with an ultimate pressure of less than 5 mbar, such as XDD1)
Air Outlet 1/8 inch BSP negetive plug
Purge mouth 1/8 inch BSP negetive plug
Water cooling (15 ° C water, 40 ° C ambient temperature) 45sccm
Forced air cooling (35 ° C ambient temperature) 30sccm
Nominal rotation speed 60000rpm
Standby rotation speed Variable from 33000 to 60,000 rpm (default is 42000 rpm)
Programmable power limit settings Variable from 50 to 200W (default is 160W)
Start-up time to 90% speed (D / T160W) 115/140s
Analog output Pump rotation speed

Power consumption; pump temperature; controller temperature

Cooling method Forced air / water
Ambient air temperature with forced air cooling 5 – 35°C
Minimum cooling water flow rate (water at 15 ° C) 15 L/h
Water temperature range 10 – 20°C
Inlet flange temperature 75°C
Operating direction Vertical and up to

Horizontal +/- 2 °

Noise level at 1 meter
Maximum magnetic field the pump can withstand 5 mT
Recommended controller TIC200 Molecular pumps and instrument controllers
Static electric power Usually  20W
WeightISO/CF 6/9kg
Order number B81200100
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