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Four-station Turntable Top Side Seal

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The equipment of this specification is suitable for the top and side sealing of various specifications of soft-packed lithium batteries. The equipment is simple to operate, high in efficiency, stable in accuracy, good in consistency, and convenient to change models. It can be used with hard and soft sealing processes.


Adapt to specifications: 200 type
Sealing width: top seal 3.5mm (soft seal), lower mold is equipped with silicone plate, side seal is 6mm, upper and lower molds are hard sealed, upper mold limit height is 0.18mm, top seal is compatible with hard seal heads according to model
Edge sealing thickness: 0.16-0.3mm
Head temperature: adjustable from room temperature to 230℃, compensation can be set, control accuracy ±3℃
Packaging time: 0-99.9 seconds adjustable
Turntable feeding accuracy: high-speed precision cam roller divider indexing accuracy ≤ 30″
Parallelism of the head: ±0.01mm, the test can be made of triple carbonless copy paper, the pressure of the head is 0.6Mpa, and the seal is uniform when the temperature is 200℃
Equipment production capacity: 400-500 pieces/hour (depending on placement proficiency)
Equipment activation rate: 95%
Product qualification rate: 99%
The stroke of the upper and lower molds is adjustable.

Four-station Turntable Top Side Seal
Four-station Turntable Top Side Seal
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