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Laboratory Heat Flat Film Coater Coating Machine


Laboratory heat flat film coater coating machine is widely used in various high-temperature coating research, such as ceramic films, crystal films, battery material films, and special nano-films; they can adapt to the development of science and technology for film formation under high temperature conditions in the future.


1. Use bottom heating to dry.
2. Coating speed can be regulated at a range of 0~100mm/s.
3. Temperature controlled drying system is digital displayed.
4. Stroke can be adjusted by the stroke switch at a range of 10~250mm.
5. Vacuum aluminum plate used to place and take off the substrate quickly.
6. With adjustable film applicator.


Coating Speed  0~100mm/s
Max Stroke  250mm
Vacuum plate  Equipped with vacuum aluminum plate
Dimension of vacuum plate  L365mm×W200mm×H30mm
Regulating range of scrapper  0.01~3.5mm
Power supply  220V/50Hz
Weight  50KG
Dimension  L500mm×W310mm×H260mm

Use bottom heating to dry, MAX120℃.

Laboratory Heat Flat Film Coater Coating Machine
Laboratory Heat Flat Film Coater Coating Machine
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