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Lab Automatic Film Coater Machine 300mm


This equipment is widely used for research of all kinds of film coating,
like ceramic films, crystal films, battery material films, and special nano-films.


1. Coating speed is at the range of 0~100mm, adjustable.
2. Vacuum aluminum plate, used to place and take off the substrate in quick.
3. Stroke can be adjusted by induction proximity switch at the range of 10~250mm.
4. Adjustable film applicator with micron level (accuracy: 0.01mm), scraper with width of 100mm.
5. Small dimension saves space.
6. The appearance is exquisite, the sheet metal adopts three-dimensional geometric design, simple and beautiful.


Coating Speed  0~100mm/s
Max Stroke  300mm
Vacuum plate  Equipped with vacuum aluminum plate
Dimension of vacuum plate  L415mm×W200mm×H30mm
Regulating range of scrapper  0.01~3.5mm
Power supply  220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Weight  50KG
Dimension  L500mm×W310mm×H200mm

Optional accessories: micron adjustable film applicator 50~150mm wide, width can be specified according to requirements.

Lab Automatic Film Coater Machine 300mm
Lab Automatic Film Coater Machine 300mm
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