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NEW Edwards FL20K Foreline Inlet Trap – For all KF25 Rotary Vane Pumps

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Edwards FL20K (FL20K) Foreline Trap Specifications:
Fits Pump Models: RV3, RV5, RV8, RV12, E2M2, E2M5, E2M8, E2M12, E1M18, E2M18, E2M28 and E2M30
Inlet & Exhaust Flanges: ISO KF25 (NW25)
Dimensions: Height 5.5 x Width 4 inches
Weight: 1.5 lb
Material: Cast Aluminum Body
Element: Supplied with can of alumina sorbent
Replacement 0.45 kg Media Part Number: H026-00-050
Edwards FL20K (FL-20-K) Part Number: A133-05-000

The Edwards FL20K (FL-20-K) foreline inlet trap has been developed for use in clean pumping systems, to prevent the back-migration of rotary pump oil mist into the system. This trap contains activated alumina sorbent. The activated alumina sorbent has the following benefits; Exceptional trapping properties for oil mist (99.7%), A very long life before it is saturated, and Can be rejuvenated by baking the basket containing the sorbent for 2 hours at 250 °C – 300 °C. The FL20K is most useful with two-stage rotary pumps, operating below 1 mbar. To maximize sorbent life, install the FL20K near the vacuum system. In common with other types of sorbent, activated alumina absorbs water. This does not affect the oil vapor trapping properties but may tend to prolong the roughing time on successive pump downs. To minimize vapor absorption, we recommend you fit a valved by-pass line. The trap body is made of aluminum and is fitted with a removable basket containing the sorbent. Extra sorbent activated alumina is available on this website. This Edwards FL20K foreline trap is supplied and a can of activated alumina sorbent.



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NEW Edwards FL20K Foreline Inlet Trap – For all KF25 Rotary Vane Pumps
NEW Edwards FL20K Foreline Inlet Trap – For all KF25 Rotary Vane Pumps


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