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Probe Station Technical Specs

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Offers a cryogenic environment with 10^-3or6 mbar vacuum level.

Users can start with a standard system and upgrade to a higher level probe station with higher vacuum level and temperature range. Dedicated design is also available upon request.

Typical applications include sampling IV and CV curves over a wide range of temperatures, measuring microwave and electro-optical responses, characterizing magneto-transport properties in variable magnetic fields, Hall-effect measurements to understand carrier mobility, and a variety of other material studies.


Precisely controlled environment – high vacuum chamber with 4.4K-675K stage temperature range.

Upgradable – Upgradable in positioners, temperature range, vacuum range, and optical access.

Affordable – Using liquid cryogen, very competitive price among the products of the same grade.

Compact Footprint – Perfect for academic and laboratory research settings with limited space.

The key factors to your DUT (sample device) temperature.

The temperature of the device under test (DUT) would be affected by heat radiation and transmission from the parts around it. If without comprehensive thermal anchoring to these parts, the real temperature of the DUT would be much higher than you see on

the temperature controller. That is because the temperature seonsor is always installed on the stage but not the DUT. To avoid erroneous results, we apply the innovative thermal anchoring technique to probes, arms and radiation shields.

Comprehensive temperature monitoring.

There are four temperature sensors in our system to provide you with a accurate thermal profile of the test environment. One sensor is installed on the sample stage and the others are installed on the radiation shields, probe arms, and probes separately.

Various sample holders.

The most common sample holder is a OFC holder grounded to the System chasis. It is used when no background signal transmission is needed on the DUT. We also provide coax and triax versions with low noise for high resolution signal measurement. All holders are Type II gold plated.

High performance probes available.

FemtoProbe is compatible with CryoPS cryogenic probe station( vacuum probe station ). This set up will provide guarded probe tips to triax source and measurement units. It significantly reduces system noise level and will enable you to measure signals down to 1 femtoamp resolution.


Probe Station

SUMMIT200 – Advanced 200mm On-wafer Probe Station

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Probe Station Technical Specs
Probe Station Technical Specs
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