Polished stainless steel vacuum grinding jar jacket for planetary ball mills. These jackets are required if you want to use jars other than stainless steel in a vacuum condition. Each set includes grinding jar jacket, lid and silicon vacuum sealing gasket. Please see our other accessories for optional vacuum pump. Total weight is around 2.5 lbs. Compatiable with our PQ-N2 4x500ml planetary ball mills.

Jar configuration

  Planetary Ball Mill
  Compatible Non-Vacuum Jars
  Compatible Vacuum Jars
  PQ-N04 0.4L 50ml – 100ml 50ml 4
  PQ-N2 2L 250ml – 500ml 100ml – 250ml 4
  PQ-N4 4L 500ml – 1000ml 250ml – 500ml 4
  PQ-N12 12L 2L – 3L 1L – 2L 4
  PQ-N20 20L 3L – 5L 3.5L 4
  PQ-T40 40L 5L – 10L 5L 4
  PQ-T60 100L 10L – 15L 10L 4
  PQ-T100 60L 15L – 25L 10L – 20L 4
  • Accessories included: silicon vacuum sealing gasket