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Bell Jar Chamber

Vacuum Bell Jar Chambers Degassing Systems

Borosilicate Glass Bell Jar Systems.
Glass Bell Jars are ideal for degassing or vacuum testing when an all round vision is required. They are also excellent for educational teaching aids where experiments such as “Bell in a Vacuum” can be demonstrated.

The standard Bell Jar Systems fall within two different groups. The SF group, and the VF group.

The SF group will comprise :

A Borosilicate bell jar, fire polished and ground on the open end and fully annealed after manufacture, suitable for vacuum applications. The seal will be Nitrile rubber ‘L’ gasket.

The base plate will be machined from aluminum alloy mounted on three legs with feet suitable for standing/securing to the bench. The pumping port will be offset from the centre.

A vacuum manifold will be fitted comprising a pump isolation ball valve, a system vent valve and a 63mm diameter glycerin filled vacuum gauge scaled 0-1000 Mbar together with all necessary Stainless Steel screwed fittings. The manifold will terminate in a riffled nozzle to accept a flexible 12mm (1/2″) ID vacuum hose (not included).

The system is leak tested after manufacture including a pressure test rise and is suitable for use at pressures down to 10־²Mbar.


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