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The vacuum trap:
• protects the pump, pump oil and piping from the potentially
damaging effects of the material;
• protects people who must work on the
vacuum lines or system, and;
• prevents vapors and related odors from being
emitted back into the laboratory or system
Improper trapping can allow vapor to be emitted from the exhaust of
the vacuum system. It results in either reentry into the laboratory and
building or potential exposure to maintenance workers. Proper traps
are important for both local pumps and building systems.
Proper Trapping Techniques
To prevent contamination, we must equip all lines leading from experimental apparatus to the vacuum source. And the vacuum source is  with filtration or other trapping as appropriate.

• Particulates. we use filtration capable of efficiently trapping the
particles in the size range being generated.
• Biological Material. We use a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)
filter.  We may also require liquid disinfectant (e.g. bleach or other appropriate material) traps.
• Aqueous or non-volatile liquids. We adequate a filter flask at room
temperature to prevent liquids from getting to the
vacuum source.
• Solvents and other volatile liquids. We use a cold trap of sufficient
size and cold enough to condense vapors generated. A
filter flask capable of collecting fluid. They could be aspirated out of
the cold trap.
• Highly reactive, corrosive or toxic gases. We use a sorbent canister
or scrubbing device capable of trapping the gas, too.


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Edwards FL20K (FL20K) Foreline Trap Specifications: Fits Pump Models: RV3, RV5, RV8, RV12, E2M2, E2M5, E2M8, E2M12, E1M18, E2M18, E2M28 and E2M30 Inlet & Exhaust Flanges: ISO KF25 (NW25) Dimensions: Height 5.5 x Width 4 inches Weight: 1.5 lb Material: Cast Aluminum Body Element: Supplied with can of alumina sorbent Replacement 0.45 kg Media Part Number: H026-00-050 Edwards FL20K (FL-20-K) Part Number: A133-05-000
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