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Control System

Large Glove Box with Optional Gas
Purification System and Digital Control
How glove box work:
● Box and gas purification system, form a sealed
environment, filled with Inert gas or nitrogen to the
cabinets, and circulation to remove internal active
substances, allowing the system always maintain high
cleanliness and high purity inert gas environment (water,
oxygen are equipment a 1 ppm below according to ISO
10648-2 ).
● Mainly for O2, H2O clearing.
Functional Description:
● Manual / automatic control system pressure;
● Manual / automatic control system purification state;
● Automatic control of the reduction process of the gas
purification system; Automatically prompts alarm
● System control parameter settings;
● Record system parameters;
● System condition monitoring; Glove box applications:
● Anhydrous, anaerobic and clean, ultra-clean work
● The R&D and production of batteries and battery
materials (lithium-ion battery, battery, solar cell, the
lithium iron phosphate, etc.)
● The R&D and manufacturing of special lamps: HID
lamps, metal halide, ceramic metal halide
● Welding: resistance welding, TIG welding, laser
welding, plasma welding, brazing
● OLED R&D and production
● The development & production of medical supplies
● Development & production of the super capacitor
● Fine chemicals, nuclear industry


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Automatic Pressure Control Kit is an automatic pressure control kit for Etelux glovebox to keep Glovebox Chamber at constant pressure from -1.25Kpa to 1.25 KPa
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