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Electron Beam

Electron beam. physics. Electron beam, stream of electrons (as from a betatron) generated by heat (thermionic emission), bombardment of charged atoms or particles (secondary electron emission), or strong electric fields (field emission).


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  • Touch-screen ,easy operation.
  • Temperature controlled heating system is digital displayed, max working temperature is 200℃.
  • Timer is digital displayed; the heating time can be set freely.
  • Coating speed can be regulated at a range of 0~200mm/s.
  • Vacuum aluminum plate used to place and take off the substrate quickly.
  • Stroke can be regulated by touch screen at a range of 10~250mm.
  • Coating thickness can be regulated, the accuracy is 0.01mm.
  • Nice appearance, solid geometry design makes well- formed shape.
  • Application :Battery lab;Battery research;Lithium ion battery lab;Material research;Trial-production and so on.
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