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Electrode Coating


This equipment is widely used for research of all kinds of film coating,
like ceramic films, crystal films, battery material films, and special nano-films.


1. Coating speed is at the range of 0~100mm, adjustable.
2. Vacuum aluminum plate, used to place and take off the substrate in quick.
3. Stroke can be adjusted by induction proximity switch at the range of 10~250mm.
4. Adjustable film applicator with micron level (accuracy: 0.01mm), scraper with width of 100mm.
5. Small dimension saves space.
6. The appearance is exquisite, the sheet metal adopts three-dimensional geometric design, simple and beautiful.

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  • Adjustable Film Applicator - This unique wet film applicator features micrometer heads for knife blade adjustment.
  • The operator sets the blade clearance by adjusting the micrometers. This is excellent tool to make quality film for material research laboratories to make ceramic tape casting, battery electrodes, and various coating at lower cost. Stainless steel knife blade with precision ground edge.
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  • 180 mm standard width.
  • Built in slurry guiding plate to make film coating at easy.
  • Make wet film thickness between 0 - 5000 microns.
  • Micrometer head's controllable accuracy is 10 microns.
  • Slurry Capacity: 72 ml.
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