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Electrode Cutting


This product is suitable for die-cutting and forming of battery positive and negative plates, as well as for die-cutting of lithium plates, and can be used in a glove box.


*Small size, easy to operate, can be placed in a glove box for operation.

*Built-in safety overflow oil valve, the pressure can be adjusted according to needs, and the upper pressure limit can be set to prevent damage caused by excessive pressure caused by misoperation, ensuring the safety of the machine.

*Built-in pressure gauge can observe and accurately control the size of the sealing pressure.

*Using hydraulic drive, the pressure can reach 8T, die cutting without vibration, no leakage.

*It is convenient and quick to change the knife mold;

* Long tool life, normal use ≥ 30,000 times;

* There are no quality defects such as burrs, powder falling, and indentation;

*Using four guide pillar structure, sliding up and down smoothly and high precision;

*Beautiful appearance, easy maintenance, small size, convenient operation, accurate molding, etc.

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