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Glove Box

Etelux Lab2000 glove box is a standard 1200 single-station glove box, which can be divided into one-piece and split-type. The vacuum glove box of this system is specially designed for the study of materials science, chemistry, semiconductor and related industries. Suitable for laser welding. Adopting German BASF deaeration material, American UOP high-efficiency water-absorbing material, the water and oxygen content in the glove box can continuously maintain a high-clean and high-purity gas environment with a gas purity below 1ppm for a long time, hand/automatic control system air pressure; hand/automatic control system The purification status of the gas purification system; automatic control of the reduction process of the gas purification system; automatic prompt and alarm function; system control parameter setting; system parameter recording; system actuator working condition monitoring; transparent front panel makes the operation more convenient and easy, and it is widely used in preparing nano Materials and battery electrode materials.


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