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Cube Top Lid

Labideal Acrylic Vacuum Chamber, Cube, Clamping Lid
clear acrylic vacuum chamber cube removable lid
This is a complete acrylic vacuum chamber, top load model, fully assembled cube structure and ready for use. Inside dimensions of this chamber model range from 10 inches to hefty 20 inches. This chamber comes with a vacuum gauge, two valves, two handles, and four clamps. The lid is fully removable. The vacuum rating for this chamber is a whopping 0.075 Torr (75 micron). Keep in mind that your vacuum level depends on what kind of vacuum pump you decide to use. The venting valve and the vacuum valve are on the top lid; however, they can be moved anywhere else as per your request free of charge but you must let us know within 2 days after you have ordered your chamber where you want the valves placed.


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