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Acrylic Vacuum Chambers

Acrylic Vacuum Chamber, Cylinder, 12 inch diameter, 12 inch height, Top Load Model, Gas Spring Supported Lid

Product Specifications
Vacuum Rating:0.075 Torr (75 micron)
Vacuum Loss Rate:5.25 Torr (0.2 inHg) in 24 hours
Inside Dimensions (inch):12 Diameter by 12 Deep
Product Dimensions (inch):13 Diameter by 14 Deep
Tolerance (inch):+/- 0.125
Chamber Material:Clear Cast Acrylic
Lid Material:Clear Cast Acrylic
Seal:Buna O-Ring
Approximate Volume:1357 cubic inch – 5.9 Gallons – 22.2 Liters

Spring Supported Hinged Top Lid
Vacuum Gauge
Vent Valve 1/4 NPT
Vacuum Valve 1/4 NPT
One Handle
Hinged Door
One Year Safe Buyback Guarantee

12 inch diameter 12 inch height inside dimensions Cylindrical Acrylic Vacuum Chamber is made of clear acrylic which is fully transparent enabling a full view of chamber interior during operation. This is a complete clear acrylic vacuum chamber; assembled and ready for use. It comes with a vacuum gauge, two valves, one handle, one clamp, a hinged side door with gas spring supported lid to prevent you from dropping your door and damaging your chamber. The vacuum valve and the vent valve are on the lid; but, these can be moved to the side well or anywhere as per your request free of charge to you as long as you let us know within 2 days after you have ordered your chamber.
A Vacuum chamber can also be used as a Desiccator cabinet. Common applications include vacuum testing, vacuum product testing, degassing, defoaming, mixing liquids, bubble leak testing, vacuum sealing, vacuum drying, vacuum encapsulation, vacuum joining, vacuum impregnation, atmospheric testing and simulation, biological tests or storing samples under sustained low and intermediate vacuums.
Please note that plastic material is permeable; therefore, acrylic chambers as such may not maintain a stable vacuum level over extended period of time. For stable vacuum levels in this chamber, it is advisable to either leave the vacuum line or pump constantly connected to this chamber or add a vacuum controller to control vacuum levels.


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