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Rebuilt KF Pnumatic Gate Valves

Direct operated 2/2 way Burkert solenoid valve with brass body, 1/4 inch threads and a 230V AC (50Hz) coil. The circuit function of the solenoid valve is normally closed (opens when electrically energized). Suitable for systems with an operating pressure of 0 bar to 10 bar and a maximum temperature of 100 °C. The orifice is 3 mm and the Kv-value is 0.23m3/h. The Kv-value is used to calculate flow rate: at 1 bar differential pressure (water) the flow rate is approximately 3.8 l/min.

This valve has a FKM (Viton) seal, which is suited for compressed air, oils, fuels and many other chemicals. For hot water (>100°C), steam and alkaline substances EPDM is recommended instead of FKM.

Please consult the chemical resistance chart for other media.

Solenoid valves are electrically controlled valves which open or close by means of an electric current through a solenoid (coil). As long as they are electrically energized they consume energy. They open and close quickly. They are sensitive to dirt and can only be used with clean liquids or gases.

Important advantages

  • The compact design and wide range of options make the 6013 suitable for an extreme range of applications
  • Operates without a pressure differential
  • Bürkert design: proven reliability & durability


  • Use clean liquids or gases. Solenoid valves are very sensitive to dirt.
  • Do not power the coil when the coil is removed from the valve. The coil will overheat and may burn out.
  • Make sure that the valve is suitable for the application and that the materials are suitable for the medium and temperature.

Bürkert 6013 series overview

The 6013 valve is one of the most popular Burkert solenoid valve types. It is a compact, direct operated plunger solenoid valve that operates without a differential pressure over the valve. It can be used for low pressure applications, but also has versions that operate up to 25 bars. The valve is designed for small flow rates with port sizes from G 1/8″ up to G 3/8″ and orifice sizes ranging from 2 to 6 mm. Next to the threaded inline versions, a special SFB flange design is available which allows the installation of multiple valves onto a single manifold. Besides the versatile standard versions, the 6013 is available with options such as ATEX approval, DVGW gas approval, pulse coil (latching), manual override, kick- and drop function (energy reduction), extreme temperature versions and oil & fat free versions for oxygen, vacuum and analysis applications.

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Bürkert 2/2-way solenoid valve (type 6013) with G1/4 inch threads and 230V AC coil. Normally closed (opens when energized). Suitable for clean media (max 100°C) and an operating pressure of 0-10 bar (direct operated). Brass housing with FKM seal. The orifice is 3mm and the Kv-value is 0.23m3/h (3.8 l/min at dP=1 bar, water).
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