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200uL Liquid Injector


The liquid injector is widely used in the pipetting operations of solutions in experiments such as biology, chemistry, clinical, food analysis, and immunoassay.


*Adjustable finger rest allows customers to adjust according to their own needs, and no longer fatigue after long-term use.
*5 kinds of liquid transfer modes, wider application range:

Standard mode (PIP Mode): Standard pipetting mode.
Sample mixing mode (PlPmix Mode): Used for mixing samples.

Reverse pipetting mode (RevPIP Mode): Used to suck high viscosity, high vapor pressure or foaming liquid.
Electrophoresis loading mode (GEL Mode): It is specially used for gel electrophoresis loading. The steady and slow speed can prevent the sample from overflowing the sample hole due to the excessively fast discharge speed, which is suitable for sucking viscous liquids. (1000ul and 5000ul specifications do not have this function)

Dispensing mode (DISP Mode): suitable for multiple liquid dispensing.

*According to needs, it can be charged and discharged; the battery has a long life and can be used 4000 times on a single charge.
*With different adapters, the pipette can be used with different brands of tips.
*The pipetting rod is detachable, and the lower half can be sterilized by high temperature (121℃, 20min), which is convenient for maintenance.
*Easy calibration, no tools required.

Lithium battery injector equipment

Technical parameter:

*Electric digital pipette: 1

*220V European style charger: 1

*A small number of tips: ≦5

*Operation manual: 1

200uL Liquid Injector
200uL Liquid Injector
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