Ai high purity polished octagonal agate mortar and pestle are handcrafted from the finest translucent blue-gray natural Brazilian agate stone with shining polished surface, they are resistant to acids (except HF) and solvents, ideal for use with substances of unknown chemical composition and a variety of materials, including samples in ultra-red, infrared, and x-ray fluorescence.

Virtually unchanged since the Stone Age, the mortar and pestle is probably the oldest of all laboratory tools, helping ancient healers unleash the curing properties in plants. In addition to being gorgeous, agate is the finest natural material available for a grinding surface. It is virtually non-porous, so bacteria and contaminants are unable to lodge on the surface. Agate mortar and pestles are used for laboratory work where cross contamination must be avoided at all cost, and in fine kitchens grinding herbs and spices for the same reason.


 Size  4-inch  5-inch  5-inch  6-inch  7-inch
 Type  Extra deep  Regular  Extra deep  Extra deep  Regular
 Item number  AMP4d  AMP5  AMP5d  AMP6d  AMP7
 Mortar OD  4″  5.5″  5.5″  6.3″  7.7″
 Mortar ID  3″  4.3″  4.2″  4.7″  6.3″
 Mortar height  2″  1.8″  2.4″  2.5″  2.3″
 Mortar bowl depth  1.5″  1.3″  2″  2″  1.5″
 Pestle length  4″  4.3″  5.3″  5.5″  6.7″
 Pestle top diameter  1″  1″  1.1″  1.3″  1.3″
 Hardness 6 – 7
 Purity 99.91% SiO2
 Volume  125 ml  150 ml  190 ml  230 ml  250 ml
 Total weight  1.4 Lb  1.8 Lb  2.5 Lb  3 Lb  4 Lb