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50mL Liquid Injector


The liquid injector is small in size and has a long battery life. It is suitable for use in small spaces and far away from the power source. The digital display eliminates the error caused by human reading and the error generated when calculating the volume. It is an ideal choice for you when working in the laboratory and outdoors.


* Smooth operation-more sensitive, drip titration.

*High precision–accurate titration within the range of error limit A.

*Compact design-the meter guarantees the high stability and light weight of the instrument.

*Easy to operate-no need to switch between “fill” and “titrate”.

*Easy to maintain-easy to disassemble, clean and maintain in the laboratory.

*Computer connection-computer interface (optional), data can be directly transmitted to the computer.

Technical parameter:

technical parameter Range Accuracy A Accuracy A Relative deviation CV Relative deviation CV product description
ml ≤±% ≤± µl ≤% ≤ µl
25 0,07 18 0,025 6 The standard configuration
50 0,06 30 0,02 10 The standard configuration
25 0,07 18 0,025 6 With RS232 computer interface
50 0,06 30 0,02 10 With RS232 computer interface
°SH (25) 0,07 18 0,025 6 The standard configuration
Calibrated by capacity (TD, Ex). A = accuracy, CV = coefficient of variation. Determine the error limit value based on the rated capacity (that is, the capacity shown on the experimental container).
50mL Liquid Injector
50mL Liquid Injector
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