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Desiccator Cabinet, 36W x 18D x 48H, Clear Acrylic, 8 Door Dry Box

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Product Specifications
Inside Dimensions (inch):36 W X 18 D X 48 H
Product Dimensions (inch):40 W X 20 D X 56 H
Tolerance (inch):+/- 0.125
Chamber Material:Clear Cast Acrylic
Lid Material:Clear Cast Acrylic
Seal:Air Tight (Buna O-Ring)
Hygrometer Accuracy :+/- 5%RH
Thermometer Accuracy :+/- 1% Deg C
Approximate Volume:31104 cubic inch; 134 Gallons; 512 liters

QTY:8 Clear Acrylic Desiccator Boxes
non ESD
1 perforated shelf (per box)
1 gas IN port 1/4 NPT (per box/blanked off)
1 gas OUT port 1/4 NPT (per box/blanked off)
digital hygrometer (per box)
digital thermometer (per box)
dry, dust-free, and oil-free environment

This is a 36 by 18 by 48 inch (inside dimensions = total usable volume) clear acrylic 8 door desiccator cabinet (dry box) fully assembled and ready for use. Each box comes with one perforated acrylic shelf which is removable, digital hygrometer, digital thermometer, gas in port, gas out port, and two side door clamps. These are eight air tight boxes consisting of two columns and four rows; the inside dimensions of each box are 18W x 18D x 12H.
These desiccator cabinets are made of clear acrylic enabling full view of cabinet interior during your dry box storage. These dry boxes will enable you to store any component that require dry storage such as anhydrous and hygroscopic biological and chemical compounds and electronic assemblies. The boxes can be used for long term and short term storage of laboratory samples.
Desiccators are air tight containers envisioned to store samples shielded from dust and contamination and/or in a low humidity and in some cases a low oxygen environment. We offer desiccators in two main classifications, non-vacuum and vacuum. Both types will shield from dust and contamination when simply used as a storage container. Desiccator cabinets will reduce humidity/oxygen within the box.


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Desiccator Cabinet, 36W x 18D x 48H, Clear Acrylic, 8 Door Dry Box
Desiccator Cabinet, 36W x 18D x 48H, Clear Acrylic, 8 Door Dry Box


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