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Digital Display Viscosity Meter for Battery Slurry Analyzing

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Origin: China
Applicaton: Battery Slurry Analyzing
Measuring range: 10-200000cp
Product description: This viscometer has testing range of 10-200000cp, with small quantity sample of 18-20ml, it testing result can directly displayed on the digital screen without any calculating. English digital display

The Digital display viscosity meter is widely used in solvent based adhesive, latex, biochemical products, cosmetics, paint, paint, ink, paper pulp, food, starch and other industries.

Main feature:

1. Measurement data directly on the LCD screen does not require a second calculation;

2. Standard sample adapter, test sample viscosity only 18 – 20ml sample volume;

3. Using 16-bit microcomputer processor as the core stepper with high subdivision drive, LCD backlight display.

4. The use of program-controlled motor control, mains frequency does not affect the measurement accuracy;

5. Machine a machine design, easy to operate;

6. With RS232 interface, can output data, connect the computer;

7. Standard data processing software, real-time record of viscosity with shear rate, time, temperature changes caused by different, which understand the non-Newtonian liquid viscosity, rheological properties provide a good method.


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Digital Display Viscosity Meter for Battery Slurry Analyzing
Digital Display Viscosity Meter for Battery Slurry Analyzing
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