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Edwards Vacuum Pump Exhaust Oil Filter 250mm

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1. The core filter material of this product adopts imported top-grade glass fiber filter material, which has super adsorption to oil molecules.

2. It has good drainage ability for oil droplets, so as to obtain excellent oil and gas separation effect and longer service life.

3. Through the separation of oil and gas, the oily molecules are left in the pump and the gas in the pump is discharged, so as to save fuel and protect the working environment from oily smoke pollution.


1. Made of temperature-resistant materials, the product is hard, the size standard is strict, and the error is small.

2. Imported top-grade glass fiber filter paper is used, which has good oil absorption, is not easy to be blocked, the fiber lap is more uniform, and the antifouling ability is stronger.

3. Glass fiber protective layer with excellent performance, higher melting point, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

4. Exquisite production process, flat cutting of the end face to ensure no air leakage.

5. Advanced detection technology and methods have a long service life.

Note: This filter product is produced with high-end imported filter material, which is a cost-effective alternative and is not an original accessory.


Product name: Edward exhaust filter

Product model: LOA-940

Production flat size: 10*30.5*82*250mm (there is error in manual measurement)

Product weight: 0.7kg

Filter element form: paper filter element

Working temperature: 160℃

Original Number: E2M80

Scope of application: suitable for EDWARDS E2M40, E2M80, E2M175 vacuum pumps

Packing list

1*Filter element

Edwards Vacuum Pump Exhaust Oil Filter 250mm
Edwards Vacuum Pump Exhaust Oil Filter 250mm


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