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Precision Injection Plug Pump Injection Equipment


It is suitable for high-end micro-liquid precision metering, such as various liquid media in the industries of medicine, electrolyte, acid, solvent, dairy products, glue, reagent, etc. The high-precision electric metering pump uses the connection of the coupling and the stepping motor to drive the plunger rod to reciprocately rotate in the ceramic cavity, forming a reciprocating valve direction switch between the liquid inlet and the liquid outlet. So as to achieve the goal of accurately controlling the inflow and outflow of the liquid medium .


*Suitable for high-end micro-precision liquid medium metering filling, adding, liquid injection, spraying and marking.Adopting valveless design, the flow is extremely stable, and the flow accuracy is within ±3‰. *The pump core material is made of special industrial ceramics (Zirconium Oxide ZrO₂, Alumina Al₂O₃), which has high-strength wear resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and long service life.

*With anti-chemical reaction, the contact medium part is ceramic.

* The pump core and pump sleeve are processed by a combination of nanotechnology and gel injection molding technology, with uniform microstructure and extremely high density. The matching accuracy is extremely high, achieving self-sealing, self-lubricating ceramic technology, without additional seals and lubricants.

*Pump cover and component mechanism are uniformly resistant to acid and alkali, etc., which can adapt to the measurement of liquid in various harsh environments.

*The design structure is a positive displacement plunger structure, reciprocating rotation, adjusting the stroke length/rotation period to change the flow rate.

*No waste, no air bubbles, no leakage, no dripping, no clogging.

*The system has powerful functions, multi-capacity, multi-speed options, and can transform and reversely transfer liquid immediately.

*No dynamic seals and wearing parts, moving parts plunger rod, easy maintenance.

*Imported programmable controller and touch screen man-machine dialogue, convenient parameter setting, stable and reliable performance.

*Measuring and filling can be carried out according to the set parameters, and the metering will be automatically stopped when the prescribed amount of liquid is reached.

*Standard communication interface, which can be used independently or communicate with PLC or industrial computer conveniently.

*The operator can calculate the total amount of liquid according to the actual production as: Q total (total liquid amount) = Q stroke (stroke amount) * N stroke (stroke number)

*With positive pumping/retracting/retracting amount/delayed measurement/standby cleaning/capacity counting and other settable function modes.

*The whole machine is small in appearance, beautiful in appearance, flexible in use, simple in operation, stable in operation, safe and reliable.

Technical parameter:

*product type: Single head 1 output 1 reciprocating rotary positive displacement industrial ceramic plunger metering pump
*Pump core material: ZrO₂, Al₂O₃
*Pump core performance: Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, high hardness, low friction coefficient, long life
*Pump core matching accuracy :2μm
*Drive method: Imported Servo Motor/Stepper Motor
*range of rotation: 1-1200rpm forward and reverse reversible
*Quick control method: pulse
*Control display method: Research and control 4.3 inch touch screen man-machine interface dialogue operation
*Programming software: Imported Panasonic programmable controller
*Storage performance: The memory can store parameters and up to 100 recipes
*Single stroke capacity range :0μL-10000μL Max10000 /1 stroke range
*Capacity calculation method :Q total (total amount of liquid meter) = Q stroke (stroke amount) × N stroke (stroke number)
*Measurement accuracy: Within five thousandths
*Applicable medium temperature :The temperature of the medium liquid is less than or equal to 250℃ (due to different materials, please specify when placing the order)
*Catheter: PE/Teflon/Inlet inner diameter Φ6, outer diameter Φ8, outlet inner diameter Φ6, outer diameter Φ8
*Discharge needle: Φ2.5/Φ4.0/Φ6.0 (Needle and needle length optional)
*Measuring pump size: L×W×H 201×125×147mm
*Controller size: L×W×H 295×215×157mm
*Weight: ≈7.3kg including controller and metering pump
*Applicable power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz (standard) AC 110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz (optional)
*working environment: Temperature 0~40℃, relative humidity <80%
*Protection level: IP31
*Safety performance: Password protection and factory recovery function to ensure that the set parameters are not modified at will
Precision Injection Plug Pump Injection Equipment
Precision Injection Plug Pump Injection Equipment
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