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Lab Manual Hydraulic Tablet Press Machine

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It is mainly used in the production of samples of laboratory battery material research and development for dry powder compression, wet powder compression, compression molding, riveting and other operations. Laboratory equipment.


*Built-in pressure gauge, you can observe and accurately control the pressure;

*Specially designed hydraulic structure, high pressure, labor-saving operation;

*Precise linear guide and mold to ensure uniform material compression;

*Sturdy steel structure design, stable and safe to use;

*Small size, easy to operate, can be placed in a glove box for operation;

* Beautiful appearance, easy maintenance, small size, convenient operation, accurate molding, etc.

Technical parameter:

*The operating force of the hand crank is less than 5kg;

*Tablet diameter: Φ53mm tablet die (can be customized according to requirements)

*Tablet stroke: 30mm (can be customized as required)

*The flatness of the tablet die: 0.005mm

*The reading of the pressure gauge of normal compressed battery material is about 150kg/cm2

*Mold material imported from Japan.

*Structural material: high-strength chromium steel, the surface will never rust after environmental protection plating and spraying.

*Dimensions: 225mm X 180mm X 335mm

*Weight: 30kg


Lab Manual Hydraulic Tablet Press Machine
Lab Manual Hydraulic Tablet Press Machine
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