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Portable Incubator BP-16

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Product Overview:
This product is suitable for industrial and mining. enterprises, medical and health, biochemistry, agricultural science and other scientific research departments for bacterial culture, breeding,fermentation and other aspects of culture experiments.

Product characteristics :
1. PID temperature control has the functions of timing, alarm indication,temperature deviation trimming and temperature control self-tuning.
2. It has over-temperature power failure and alarm instructions to ensure the safety of the experimenters and personnel.
3. The integral inner liner structure is simple and beautiful, the magnetic tape is sealed and the training door lock device is safe and convenient to use.
4. Surrounding the four walls to ensure uniform internal temperature.
5. Good thermal insulation design, prevent heat loss too fast, to the greatest extent to achieve green, energy-saving, low-carbon environmental protection.
6. The outer shell of the box is treated by electrostatic spraying technology,which has beautiful appearance, anti- corrosion and durability, and shows the luxurious and elegant instrument shape.
7. Portable case design is convenient for outdoor emergency, vehicular transportation and other fields


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Portable Incubator BP-16
Portable Incubator BP-16


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