SLM Metal Powder 3D Printing Equipment Control Software


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Function Description:

1. Support direct input file formats: CLI, SLC, BP.

2. Any number of files can be imported at one time, and a single file can be read in up to 4G bytes.

3. Support multiple filling path planning:

Filling methods are divided into: overall straight line filling, partition filling, and block filling;

Filling angle is divided into: fixed angle, random angle, rotation angle;

Support smart filling: different filling parameters can be set according to the size of different areas in the graph.

4. Supports automatic editing and control of equipment. Users can set their own equipment operation procedures and monitoring data according to equipment characteristics and ease of operation.

5. Supports the editable function of hardware resources, and can edit the IO port and AD port by itself.

6. Different laser parameters can be set for contour lines and filling lines.

7. Support automatic pause and alarm when the powder is less than the set value.

8. It supports dual-thread control of laser output and motor movement. When the laser is working, the motor automatically completes the return to the origin and waits for the movement.

9. Support graphics operation functions: move, rotate, zoom in and out, copy, array, combine, and break up.

10. Graphic filling calculation and work control output are integrated. While printing, the background automatically calculates graphic filling data, without the need to separate filling path planning and printing control.


Special feature:


1. Support any number of galvanometers.

2. The adjacent common area of ​​the galvanometer is automatically divided.

3. Intelligent algorithm for laser avoidance.

4. One-key start, unattended monitoring function.

5. Path planning in the designated area.

6. Resume playing after power failure.

7. Upwind printing function.

8. Optimal path planning algorithm.

9. Rapid development and management of process packages.

10. Hierarchical management of the operating authority of the control system.

11. Software authorization period management.

12. Support file formats CLI, SLC, BP.

13. Supports unlimited file size.

14. Take photos and videos.

SLM Metal Powder 3D Printing Equipment Control Software
SLM Metal Powder 3D Printing Equipment Control Software


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