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Laboratory Vacuum Mixer Machine


Vacuum mixer machine is a high-efficiency equipment with vacuum and dispersion function, It is suitable for the battery lab research during anode and cathode electrode slurry mix, as well as the mixing of powder materials and various ceramics. Since the stirring is completed in a vacuum state, no air bubbles are completely realized, so the filling of the material and the compactness of the model are improved.


Rated power 150W,220V/110V
Stirring speed 320 turns/min
Stirring paddle Single-shaft fan blade stirring paddle
Vacuum Above -80Kpa
Effective volume Equipped with a 250ml tank (other specifications can be equipped)
The body is equipped with Vacuum gauge, vacuum port, etc.
Machine weight About 10kg
Dimension About 330m×310mm×510mm (L×W×H)

With timing function, the time can be set arbitrarily 0-99.99H set time.

Laboratory Vacuum Mixer Machine
Laboratory Vacuum Mixer Machine
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