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Common Malfunctions and Solutions for Vacuum Glove Boxes Ⅱ

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Ⅷ, the cycle can not start

1. whether the working gas pressure is between 0.4-0.6MPa;

2. whether the feedback of electromagnetic switch of high vacuum flapper valve is normal;

3. whether the pressure sensor shows normal

4. whether the fan air switch is tripped

5. whether the fan frequency converter is normal

6. whether the relay lights up two at the same time after the point cycle.

IX. The regeneration button does not work

1. need to input password;

2. vacuum pump is not turned on;

3. this purification column is circulating (regeneration and circulation can not be on a purification column at the same time).

Ten, the button can not be operated

1. whether the glove box pressure is normal

2. check whether the communication line of PLC is loose;

3. the wiring of the public terminal 24M, M, COM, etc. is loose.

XI, the vacuum pump can not operate

1. check whether the button switch on the pump body of the vacuum pump is open, “0 OFF” “1 ON”. 2. check the circuit breaker of the vacuum pump;

2. check whether the circuit breaker of vacuum pump is tripped.

XII. Vacuum flapper valve can not be opened

1. the working gas pressure is too low, the pressure range should be between 0.4-0.6MPa;

2. the flapper valve is not energized.

XIII. Working gas pressure is too low

1. Check if the working gas is sufficient;

2. whether the pressure reducing gauge is damaged.

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