Function of the Glove Box

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  1. Closed circulation system:

The glove box and the purifying gas system form a closed purifying circulation system, and the purifying gas system gives power to the gas circulating system.

  1. Human-machine dialogue:

The glove box is equipped with a colorful touch display and a Chinese version of the user interface to establish a man-machine dialogue. The operation method is convenient and quick.

3.Automatic control

Glove box to achieve the function:

(1) Hand / automatic control box working pressure;

(2) Purification status of manual / automatic control purification gas system;

(3) Automatically control the whole recovery process of the purified gas system;

(4) Hand / full-automatic purification gas recovery, purification and conversion into purification columns (when equipped with dual purification columns);

(5) Full automatic box atmosphere alarm;

(6) Setting of atmosphere and working pressure parameters in the chamber and manual / automatic conversion into;

(7) Parameter setting of the automatic control function of the purified gas system;

(8) query the historical records of the system;

(9) Monitoring of the working condition of the purifying gas system implementing agency;

(10) The operation method of the program control system has errors and warnings;

4.Restoration and renewable

(1) The purification system uses purified raw materials that can be regenerated / recovered, and the restoration process is automatically controlled by the system;

(2) Recovery and regeneration need to meet the power supply and give a mixture of hydrogen (5-10%) plus inert gas.

  1. Prevent misoperations:

The system automatically recognizes the working conditions and equipment operating conditions during the whole work process through the PLC program flow control system. If there is an error, the system will issue a prompt instruction for incorrect operation or insufficient conditions, so that the equipment runs more safely and the operator can be more convenient. Use the device safely.


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