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Knowledge Summary of Vacuum Coating Equipment

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What is vacuum coating equipment?

Vacuum coating equipment mainly refers to a kind of coating that needs to be carried out under high vacuum, including many kinds, including vacuum ion evaporation, magnetron sputtering, MBE molecular beam epitaxy, PLD laser sputtering deposition and so on. The main idea is divided into evaporation and sputtering.

Those that need to be coated become substrates, and the materials that need to be coated become targets. The substrate and target are in the same vacuum cavity.

In general, evaporation coating heats the target to evaporate the surface components in the form of atomic groups or ions, and settles on the substrate surface, forming the film through the film forming process (scattered island structure stray structure layer growth). For sputtered coating, it can be simply understood that the target is bombarded by electron or high-energy laser, and the surface components are sputtered out in the form of atomic group or ion, and finally deposited on the substrate surface, which experiences the film forming, over evaporation and coating equipment + product drawing, evaporation and coating equipment + product drawing, and finally forms the film.

Use procedure of vacuum coating equipment

1 operation of electric control cabinet

1) Water pump, air source

2) Turn on the main power supply

3) Turn on the power supply of the maintenance pump and the vacuum gauge, position V1 of the vacuum gauge, wait until the value is less than 10, and then enter the next operation. It will take about 5 minutes.

4) Turn on the mechanical pump, pre pumping, power on the turbine molecular pump, start up, switch the vacuum gauge switch to V2 position, pump to less than 2, about 20 minutes.

5) After the reading of the turbine molecular pump reaches 250, close the pre pumping, open the front unit and the high valve to continue vacuumizing, and only after the vacuumizing reaches a certain degree can the high vacuum meter on the right be opened to observe the vacuum degree. When the vacuum reaches 2 × 10-3, the gun can be powered on.

Operation of 2def-6b electronic gun power cabinet

1) Turn on the main power

2) At the same time, turn on the power supply of the electronic gun control I and the electronic gun control II: control the power supply and delay switch of the electronic gun control I, and the delay, power supply and protection lights will be on. After three minutes, the delay and protection lights will be off. If the rear door is not closed properly or the water flow relay is faulty, the protection lights will be on.

3) When the high voltage is turned on, the high voltage will reach above 10kV, the beam current can be adjusted to about 200mA, the curtain grid is 20V / 100mA, the filament current is 1.2A, and the deflection current will swing between 1 and 1.7.

3 shutdown sequence

1) Turn off the high vacuum meter and the molecular pump.

2) When the molecular pump displays to 50, close the high valve, the front stage and the mechanical pump in turn, which takes about 40 minutes.

3) When it is below 50, turn off the maintenance pump again.

Application scope of vacuum coating equipment

  1. Building hardware: bathroom hardware (such as faucet), door lock, door handle, bathroom, door lock, hardware hinge, furniture, etc.
  2. Watchmaking industry: it can be used for coating and crystal products of watch case and strap.
  3. Other hardware: leather hardware, stainless steel tableware, eyeglass frame, cutting tools, molds, etc.
  4. Large workpiece: automobile hub, stainless steel plate, signboard, sculpture, etc.
  5. Stainless steel pipes and plates (various types of surfaces)
  6. Furniture, lamps, hotel appliances
  7. Lock, handle, bathroom hardware, golf head, stainless steel tableware, blood and other hardware products are plated with super hard decorative film.
  8. Glasses, jewelry and other ornaments are plated with ultra wear resistant decorative (gold and silver) nano film, nano film and nano laminated film.

Maintenance and maintenance methods

  1. The vacuum coating equipment shall clean the working room once for every 200 coating procedures completed.

The method is: repeatedly scrub the wall of the vacuum chamber with NaOH saturated solution (pay attention that the human skin can not directly contact the NaOH solution to avoid burns). The purpose is to make the coated film aluminum (AL) react with NaOH, after which the film falls off and hydrogen is released. Then clean the vacuum chamber with clean water and clean the dirt in the fine extraction valve with cloth stained with gasoline.

  1. When the crude pump (slide valve pump, rotary vane pump) works continuously for one month (half in rainy season), new oil shall be replaced.

The method is: screw open the oil bolt, drain the old oil, and then start the pump for a few seconds, so that the old oil in the pump is completely discharged. Screw the rewind oil bolt and add new oil to the rated volume (observe with oil sight glass). If it is used continuously for more than half a year, the oil cap shall be opened when changing oil, and the dirt in the box shall be wiped with a cloth.

  1. The diffusion pump is used continuously for more than 6 months, the pumping speed is obviously slow, or the operation is improper, the pump is charged into the atmosphere, the connecting water pipe is removed, the electric furnace plate is removed, the primary nozzle is screwed out, the pump cavity and the pump tank are cleaned with gasoline, then the washing powder is mixed with water for cleaning, and then the water is thoroughly cleaned. After the water evaporates, the pump tank is installed, and the new diffusion pump oil is added Replace the machine body, connect the water pipe, install the electric furnace plate, and then restart the machine. Pay attention to leak detection before restarting. The method is: start the maintenance pump, close the gate, and observe whether the vacuum degree of the diffusion pump reaches 6x10pa after a few minutes, otherwise leakage detection shall be carried out. Check whether the joint is equipped with sealing rubber ring or the sealing ring is crushed. Remove the hidden danger of air leakage before heating, otherwise the diffusion pump oil will burn the ring and cannot enter the working state.
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