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Laideal Multi-function Magnetron Sputtering Coating System

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The multi-functional magnetron coating system contains most of the vacuum film coating technology: thermal evaporation, electron beam transpiration, and sputter deposition. The open design of the chamber allows the sample size to be plated from a few millimeters to 250 mm. The sample holder makes it easy to hold multiple samples and simultaneously coat them. The system’s vacuum chamber is connected to a 300mm wide quick access door for easy and fast switching of samples and targets. This is convenient for the film preparation research institute to increase or change the deposition method in the face of various materials, and there is no space limitation. In all small high vacuum coating equipment , this equipment is powerful and its performance is very good. The coating method includes thermal evaporation, electron beam evaporation and magnetron sputtering deposition. Due to its modular design, most developers are very convenient to use. It is easy to convert deposition conditions for various samples. It is an indispensable coating tool for researchers!
Main use: for preparing various metal films, semiconductor films, dielectric films, Magnetic control films, optical films, superconducting films, sensing films, and functional films of various special needs.

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