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Method for Improving Uniformity of Magnetron Sputtering Film Thickness

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In the actual coating, sometimes the target material is not suitable for the intermediate opening, and for the magnetron sputtering system, the method of improving the uniformity of the film thickness by changing the shape of the target in actual production is not feasible. Therefore, it is very necessary and important to find a method that can improve the uniformity of film thickness and is feasible.
Labideal offers a multi-functional magnetron sputtering coating system. The system is integrated by vacuum coating system and glove box system . It can be used for film evaporation in high vacuum evaporation chamber and high purity in glove box. Sample storage, preparation, and post-evaporation sample testing in an inert atmosphere. Evaporation coating combined with glove box to realize full encapsulation process of evaporation, encapsulation and testing, so that the whole film growth and device preparation process are highly integrated in a complete controllable environment atmosphere system, eliminating organic large-area circuit preparation process. The influence of unstable factors in the atmospheric environment ensures the preparation of high-performance, large-area organic optoelectronic devices and circuits.

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