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Oxygen Transmitters Used To Ensure The Suitability Of Glove Box Atmospheres

Oxygen Transmitters and analyzers are often used as a diagnostic tool to ensure the quality of the inert atmosphere within a glove box. Unlike a storage compartment within a car’s dashboard, however, there is another type of glove box used by industry, government institutions, and university laboratories. This “other” type of glove box (A.K.A. dry box) is a sealed enclosure designed to isolate reactive and/or hazardous materials.

Glove boxes are typically fabricated from Plexiglas, stainless steel, acrylic plastics, or a combination of the above and have (a) transparent side(s). The enclosures are equipped with gloves fabricated from rubber, Hypalon, or other chemical resistant materials that provide users the ability to manipulate materials within the glove box without risking contamination of the materials and concomitantly protect the user. Glove boxes can be configured as freestanding devices or for bench-top use.

When an inert atmosphere is required, the enclosures are normally purged with high purity nitrogen or argon. This inert atmosphere is maintained at a slightly positive pressure to help prevent leakage of air (oxygen contamination) into the glove box. Breathing air contains 209,000 PPM of oxygen. If the leak integrity of a glove box is less than adequate and/or the purge rate of the inert gas is unsatisfactory, oxygen leakage from room air is likely to take place. An infinitesimally small leak of air into a glove box can produce deleterious effects.

Glove Box Oxygen Analyzers

Avcray glove box oxygen Transmitters and monitors with the assurance that inert atmospheres are devoid of air leaks. The Company’s oxygen monitors and oxygen analyzers can be used to continuously measure oxygen concentrations within glove box atmospheres and can be used to alert users if an air leak were to take place. They include the:

  • AF-360E 4-20MA,0-1000ppm Trace Oxygen Transmitters
  • AF-360E 0-10V,0-1000ppm Trace Oxygen Transmitters
  • AF-360Z 4-20MA, 0-1000ppm Digital Display Trace Oxygen Transmitters

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