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Vacuum Drying


The oven has a stainless steel inner tank, and each studio works independently. The working mode of heating, vacuuming and inflating is automatic circulation, and the time of each working period is set through the touch screen. The oven adopts PLC control system, touch screen operation, flow blast heating and heat dissipation. The heating time is short, the heat dissipation time is fast, and the pressure holding effect is good. Heating method: heat radiation, heat conduction, heat exchange, heat convection.


* The equipment is compact and reasonable in structure, beautiful in appearance and small in space.

* The equipment is easy to operate, no professional training is required, and workers can easily master it.

* The equipment adopts text control valve, vacuum pumping and nitrogen filling, high efficiency, saving personnel, and good product performance.

* The equipment is divided into upper, middle and lower three layers, 3mm thick high-quality stainless steel inner tank, strong corrosion resistance, single door and single control (each layer can be controlled separately), and does not affect each other.

* The equipment is equipped with universal movable casters, so the equipment can be moved easily when shifting.

* The equipment adopts 304 stainless steel heating tube coiled inside the inner tank heating type, temperature control is uniform, the equipment has 80 °C, 100 °C, 120 °C and other temperature monitoring points to monitor the temperature before leaving the factory, so as to achieve the temperature of each device All should be uniform at different times.

* The equipment is sealed with silicone rubber sealing strips, 15mm thick tempered glass is used as the door, and each door is designed with an observation window.

* The electrical cabinet is on the side. Each inner cavity has 2 stainless steel brackets equally divided into 3 layers (layer height 103mm).

* The elastic double-layer glass door has overvoltage protection.

* The screen adopts a touch screen for centralized operation, which is convenient for operation and reliable for control.

* Including operator password.


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