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Roll Press


It is mainly suitable for manual rolling of battery materials in the laboratory. It is especially suitable for thinning and increasing the density of lithium battery pole plates of clean energy materials . This machine adopts gear transmission to realize the roll pressing, the rolling thickness can be adjusted, and it is easy to use.


*The roller has high hardness, and the surface is plated with hard chrome, the hardness can reach HRC62 and it is anti-rust.
*Adopt the inclined block to adjust the gap of the tablet, which has good self-control and high adjustment accuracy.
*High rolling precision, roller cylindricity≤±2um.
*Vertical design, convenient for feeding and rolling of strip material.
*Adopt gear meshing rotation to realize the roller pressing.
*The thickness and speed of the tablet can be adjusted, and the appearance is exquisite and beautiful.
*Small size, easy operation, flexible and quick to use.


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