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Hydraulic Balance Electric Roller Machine


It is mainly suitable for battery materials in the laboratory. The rolling thickness is adjustable and the operation is simple. It is especially suitable for thinning and increasing the density of lithium battery pole plates of clean energy materials.


*The hydraulic system imported from the United States automatically controls the rolling pressure;
*The roll is made of imported cold-rolled chromium-molybdenum material, and the surface is chromium-plated after heat treatment, with high internal and external hardness and good wear resistance;
*Patent design hydraulic balance rolling mechanism, stable pressure holding, good horizontal and vertical rolling uniformity;
*Integral gantry frame, CNC precision machining to ensure high precision and high stability;
*Optional rewinding and unwinding device.


*Rolling force: Max25T
*Mechanical speed: Max.6m/min
*Work roll: Diameter: Ф200 mm
*Material: 9Cr3Mo
*Roller surface width: 300 mm
*Press down type: hydraulic
*Accuracy: ±2.5um
*Roll surface hardness: HRC62~68
*Roughness: Ra0.4
*Rolling mill drive: AC variable frequency motor
*Outline installation size: L1500mm*H600mm*W1300mm
*Voltage: 380V/110V
*Power: 1.5KW
*Air source: 0.5-0.8MPa compressed air

Hydraulic Balance Electric Roller Machine
Hydraulic Balance Electric Roller Machine
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