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PVA-160 Flapper Valve

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The valve is made of stainless steel as a whole, and the internal moving structure is assembled after strict polishing treatment of stainless steel. The balls and bearings are also made of stainless steel. The sealing methods at the front flange and round flange are sealed with wire. The plate sealing ring is a fluorine moving structure. The welded stainless steel bellows is used to realize the displacement of the valve plate, and a rubber-free ring seal is implemented to the outside, which effectively reduces the leakage rate of the valve body and the outgassing of internal materials.

The valve uses electrical signals as switching signals, and compressed air drives the cylinder as power to open and close. The valve has the characteristics of stable work, reliable sealing, small opening and closing vibrations, etc. The valve has two sets of opening and closing position signals to know the current state of the valve, which is convenient for remote control and automatic control, and to automate the equipment.

The valve has a compact structure, and its thickness and length are minimized, which makes installation more convenient and requires less space. The applicable medium of the valve is clean air and non-corrosive gas. The valve can be arbitrarily installed and can withstand a certain pressure.

Technical Parameters

Leak Rate <10-8l/s
Applicable scope 1×105pa to 1×10-7pa
Air pressure 4—0.7MPa (4-7kgf/cm2)
Intake PU pipe outer diameter Φ6mm * inner diameter Φ4mm
Valve control 24VDC 3W
Magnetic switch 24VDC <100mA
Baking temperature Body <200 ° C (in the valve open state), and the connection between the cylinder and the body <80 ° C
Time required for valve to open or close DN35-DN63≤5 second、DN100-DN250≤10 second
Installation position Any
Pressure difference on both sides of valve plate opening <2000Pa

Specification: PVA-160 Flapper Valve

Dimensions 800 × 200 × 70 in


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PVA-160 Flapper Valve
PVA-160 Flapper Valve


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