A Stainless Steel Corrugated Pipe Culvert Made of Corrugated Pipes or Corrugated Plates Connected and Assembled

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Stainless steel corrugated pipe culvert is a form of culvert formed by connecting and assembling corrugated pipes or corrugated plates. The bellows is made of steel, aluminum or plastic. Used to replace circular pipe culverts, flat culverts, arch culverts, small bridges and other highway construction materials. For highway culverts, uneven settlement of culverts is one of its main forms of destruction. The bellows are round, oval, semi-circular, etc. The inlet and outlet can also be made into oblique ports according to the slope ratio. The diameter range of the processed bellows is Φ0.5 m-Φ8 m, and the thickness of the pipe wall is 3 mm-7mm, which can meet the filling thickness of 0.5. Steel corrugated pipe culvert has the characteristics of short construction period, light weight, convenient installation, good durability, low engineering cost, strong anti-deformation ability, and low maintenance cost after opening to traffic. Based on the analysis of the material, structure and function of the basic relationship, the use of flexible, high-strength steel bellows culverts not only has the ability to adapt to the deformation of the foundation and foundation, but also can solve the uneven settlement of the foundation caused by this problem. Because of the existence of axial waves, Steel bellows culverts have good stress characteristics. The axial and radial distribution of the stress and strain caused by the load can disperse the stress concentration of the load to a greater extent and give full play to the advantages of the steel structure. Especially in permafrost, soft soil, expansive soil, collapsible loess and other areas, it has obvious economic benefits.

Main features of corrugated steel pipe:

  1. High strength: Due to its unique corrugated structure, its compressive strength is more than 15 times that of cement pipes of the same caliber.
  2. Simple structure: The bellows hose are connected by flanges, and the length can be customized (up to 6m). Even if the operation is unskilled, the construction can be completed in a short time, with a small amount of manual operation, which is quick and convenient.
  3. Convenient transportation: The corrugated steel pipe is light in weight, only 1/10 to 1/5 of the cement pipe of the same caliber. Even if there is no transportation equipment in the place where the construction is difficult, it can be transported manually.
  4. Ultra-long service life: The corrugated steel pipe culvert is hot-dip galvanized steel plate, and the general service life can reach 100 years. When used in corrosive and harsh environments, the corrugated steel pipes with asphalt coating on the inner and outer surfaces can be extended by more than 20 years on the basis of the original service life.
  5. Excellent economy: simple connection method, short construction period; convenient transportation, light weight, and less foundation construction. The construction cost of drainage pipelines is relatively low.


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