Analysis of Product Quality in Vacuum Industry

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This paper analyzes the quality of vacuum products obtained by the national vacuum equipment quality supervision and Inspection Center for many years, and puts forward the existing problems, causes and suggestions of vacuum products.

  1. Basic information

China’s vacuum industry started in the 1950s and 1960s, and reached 90 After the s, it has entered a period of rapid development. In the past two decades, the application of vacuum technology has expanded rapidly. At present, its application fields cover all industries of national economy, such as aerospace, nuclear industry, metallurgy and smelting, vacuum heat treatment of parts and components in automobile industry, main equipment for semiconductor integrated circuit production in electrical industry and electronic information industry, paper industry, environmental protection industry, food and medicine industry Industry and so on. At the same time, it has become an industry providing important equipment for the development of high-tech industry. For this reason, the performance, quality and technical level of vacuum products have a direct impact on various industries of the national economy. It is necessary to supervise and lead the product quality of vacuum industry.

The national vacuum equipment quality supervision and inspection center was established in 1987 by Shenyang Vacuum Technology Research Institute, the only National Research Institute in the vacuum industry. It was established for the needs of the development of the vacuum industry Approved by China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment in, it is a third-party inspection and testing institution authorized by China National Accreditation Service for quality supervision and inspection of industrial products It has undertaken the task of national vacuum equipment quality supervision and spot check, many times of court entrusted arbitration inspection and new product inspection, and made important contributions to the technical progress of vacuum industry and the improvement of product quality level.

1.1 production, marketing and overall quality of vacuum industry

The products of vacuum industry in China are mainly divided into three categories: 1. Vacuum obtaining equipment: all kinds of vacuum pumps mainly include rotary vane vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, steam flow vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, dry pump, molecular pump, etc.; 2. Application equipment: vacuum coating equipment, all kinds of vacuum furnaces, etc.; 3. Vacuum instruments and vacuum accessories: all kinds of vacuum valves and vacuum meters, etc.

Distribution of enterprises: there are about 500 production enterprises in vacuum industry, which are mainly distributed in five regions in China.

According to the 2010 China general machinery industry yearbook, 50 member enterprises completed the total industrial output value (current year price) of 4.073 billion yuan, including 3.448 billion yuan of operating revenue, 204 million yuan of export transaction value and 3.913 billion yuan of industrial sales value.

At present, in the field of domestic vacuum application, domestic products are dominant, such as rotary vane pump, water ring pump, slide valve pump, roots pump, steam flow vacuum pump and other low-end vacuum products can basically meet different process requirements in terms of performance, with a high market share in China; the proportion of some products increases year by year. For high-end products (refer to high-tech products) oil-free vacuum pumps (dry pumps, etc.), foreign brand products have a high market share in the domestic market. However, in recent years, domestic manufacturers have made considerable progress in research and development and production, and have launched various types of dry pump products, and with its high cost performance, it has been widely recognized by users, and its market share has been greatly increased.

In the past ten years, the overall level of vacuum industry has been greatly improved. The production of low-end vacuum products from the design level to the processing and manufacturing level and performance have tended to be mature. The quality of products produced by major enterprises is relatively stable, and the appearance quality has been significantly improved. Some technical indexes of rotary vane vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump products have approached or reached the international advanced level. In recent years, the long-standing problems of oil injection and oil leakage have been controlled to a certain extent, and the material performance of the pump has been improved. At present, the overall quality level of the rotary vane vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump products can reach about 90% of the current industry standard requirements. The main problems are low air extraction rate, high noise and vibration. The overall quality level of the steam flow vacuum pump can reach about 80% of the current industry standard requirements. The main problem is that the limit pressure can not meet the standard requirements. When the pressure is 10-2 PA, the pumping pressure is not stable, resulting in the pumping speed can not be measured. As a whole, the reliability, noise, vibration and other performances of the products in long-term operation are obviously different from those of foreign manufacturers.

The high-end vacuum products (without oil pump) have developed rapidly, the manufacturers have increased rapidly, the development direction is from single pump to multi-level combination, the development direction is unit, the vacuum performance of the products tends to be stable, the product quality meets the industry standard requirements, the market share of the oil pump free products has been greatly improved, and the overall performance level is close to foreign products.

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